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Silsoe-Birmingham Research
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Silsoe-Birmingham Research (SBR) was formed after the closure of Silsoe Research Institute in 2006. It is a division of Alta Innovations Ltd, a company wholly owned by the University of Birmingham. This was made possible becuase the internationally recognised SRI Wind Engineering group, led by Prof. Roger Hoxey with Dr Adam Robertson and Dr Andrew Quinn, joined Prof. Chris Baker and Dr Mark Sterling at the University of Birmingham, School of Civil Engineering. The Silsoe field site, famous for the Silsoe Structures Building and the 6m Cube, has also been taken on by the University to continue its long history of ground-breaking research.

Since the formation of SBR the team has grown and a number of research fellows and students support various research projects in wind engineering, including work on wind power in rural and urban areas. The team has built on the extensive array of equipment built up by the former institute and the university and is able to offer a unique variety of facilties and support for experimental campaigns.